Digital thinking

A great example of digital thinking applied to real businesses in this story about the new CEO of struggling UK wine shop Majestic Wines.

They are reconsidering some of its commercial practices, such as their six-bottle minimum purchase, some staffing policies, such as the near-automatic reduction in staff when store managers quit, alongside improvements to their IT infrastructure.

This strategy is heavy on technology, with planned investments in e-commerce, CRM, and tools that will allow shop staff to better interact with visitors.

However, this demonstrates their digital approach goes beyond the purchase of digital infrastructure:

  • empathy with the consumers, who have been asked about their experience
  • appetite to experiment and iterate, accepting that knowledge is incomplete
  • measurement of the eventual results

This probably won’t come as a surprise: the new CEO is founder of online retailer Naked Wines, acquired in April by Majestic.

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