Korean banks in English and with a Mac

Looking for a bank with which I can do business in English, on a Mac, and on my iPhone, preferably without installing any plugins or “security” software.

Analysis of the capabilities of Korean banks

Caveats and notes:

  • Shinhan’s Mac banking is a downloadable piece of unsigned software that requires overriding MacOS’s security, and only their iOS app “Mini” is available in English.
  • credit cards evaluated according to the Korean Airlines payment page, and I haven’t tested the management services yet
  • Google Spreadsheet

This morning I opened an account at Woori which was a very simple process (it lasted a small hour tho, but only required my alien card, my employment contract, and my passport), and I walked out of the bank with a passbook and a Cirrus cash card, and was able to set up an iOS banking account right away.

Might go try KEB instead, and get a card from Lotte.

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