Lacoste Japan re-launch

On March 3, 2015, the Lacoste Japan web shop re-launched, based on a shop-plus-brand design supplied by the French headquarters and adapted to the local market, with a dedicated smartphone experience, the local loyalty program, and various online-to-offline shipping options.

Lacoste: Life is a Beautiful Sport

The original design was provided by NuRun (ex-Cythère, where I used to work in 1997…, and now in the process of rebranding to Razorfish) and coded by iTelios, a French SI house that does a lot of Demandware implementations.

At The Plant, our team developed the visual execution in Japanese (typography is always a bit of a challenge), implemented a few tweaks requested by our local client, developed additional content management components to support the new editorial pages, and integrated all of this on our existing e-commerce platform.

We’ve been lucky to experience reasonably good commercial performance and almost no technical difficulties, and have also been able to release further improvements at a brisk pace starting days after the launch.

Aside from improving the visual aspect of the Japanese web site, and bringing it in line with other countries, this project gives us a great platform for interesting further work. In particular, we’ve got a performance-driven optimization program in place, and several cool CRM initiatives.

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