Amazon launches web-based Kindle reader

Fascinating development at Amazon. After creating a business on digital books, they are expanding their marketing efforts. And as an Amazon affiliate (for testing purposes only, of course), I am part of that effort. It is now possible for me to embed a Kindle book (or at least its first few pages, into a blog post.

See for example the first few pages of Rocket Surgery Made Easy (which I should buy and read):

(If you’re reading this through my RSS feed, you might want to open this post in your browser, just to try it out.)

Amazon are giving me a cut of whatever sale is made on the back of my embedding this, so they basically recruit me as a sales staff, with no fixed salary and only performance-related bonuses, a vanilla online affiliate model.

This doesn’t yet allow me to quote a specific part of the book, a limitation I understand but limits the usefulness of the feature.

By the way, you had better read Krug’s first book, Don’t Make Me Think. (And yes, I get a cut from that link, too!!)

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