Not talking about My ASICS

I posted about the new Onitsuka Tiger web site, but not about the new My ASICS service I’ve been working on, with Mairéad, Loucas, our colleagues at the Institute of Sport Science and particularly Tagawa-san, Tokyo-based web design studio AQ, Tokyo and Hangzhou dev outfit The Plant, and the very fine people at Adaptive Path (and the help of Lisa, Underwired, and In2sports, with language expertise from and myGengo).

I haven’t, because we’ve been too busy offering user support and launching across Europe (in Dutch, French, Italian, German, and more yet to come!), and I’m not overly fond of boasting before the work has been delivered.

But I gotta say: I’m quite proud of the work we’ve done. Compact (the bulk of the work was done in about 9 months), based on ASICS research (i.e. not outsourced or crowdsourced), faithful to the original idea, and without ugly, glaring, gaping holes (well, okay, we’re missing one tab, but it’s coming next week or soonish).

So: I will probably post more on My ASICS in a while. In the meanwhile, sign up, then go out and run!

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