Improving the online version of Stèles, by Victor Ségalen

Victor Segalen’s poetry book, Stèles, is built upon the cultural material provided by China. Segalen published it (in French) in Beijing in 1912. Form and content are very tightly linked, and quickly after I was given the book, I tried to explore how this link could be taken online.

This is very early work: it was first put online in October 1997, and the last significant change was done in April 2001. This site is a perfect candidate for a quick refresh: standards-compliant code, an improved navigation, and probably a less Chinese-exotic look, in order to leave greater room to the content.

A renewed web site will feature:

  • a cleaner interface (images used better and themselves of a better technical quality)
  • a more muted, and if possible more efficient navigation method
  • standards-compliant code, and particularly structurally correct markup, and relevant use of <link...> tags
  • a better technical implementation, using quicker and less wasteful technology (Smarty)
  • … and finally, all Chinese characters (never bothered to scan them all in…)

Coming up soon…

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