Reality TV

Before I lose them again, here are photos of this wonderful campaign, where the city of Amsterdam spent the taxpayer’s money promoting the use of video surveilance in the public space, making bold claims without any serious arguments, and lamely pretending to use irony.

The photos have probably been taken on November 30, 2003, in the streets of Amsterdam. Those ~1.2x2m posters were on bus stops or city information displays.

The main text says: Reality TV / meer toezicht: meer veiligheid (More surveilance: more safety). The text on a red background reads (in Dutch): Amsterdam maakt een vuist tegen agressie en geweld (Amsterdam makes a fist against agression and violence), and is signed Gemeente Amsterdam (municipality of Amsterdam).

Reality TV / Meer toezicht: meer veiligheid

Meer toezicht: ...

... meer veiligheid

Amsterdam maakt een vuist tegen agressie en geweld

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