The purpose of this site

This site is is a publishing (and discussion) platform where I (Raphaël Mazoyer) can post information about and around web building.

There will be no private posts, no political rants, no film reviews, but only stuff that revolves around my professional activity:

  • web site reviews
  • articles about specific web design or web building issues
  • my take on the web business, in the section commentary
  • books or software reviews
  • …and the various scraps that I end up writing and which might just as well help someone

I will also announce site or feature launches and the publication of my articles on other sites.

The intention is to document my professional behavior and as such is a very self-centered exercise. I do hope that it might prove interesting for some people, trigger some debate, and shed some light on aspects of my work. Reaching some of these goals would make the entire effort worth my while.

[Updated, March 30, 2007]

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